Huntingdon Road, Wyton, Cambs, PE28 2 AD
01480 463228


Houghton & Wyton, Cambridgeshire

Please Note, we currently only deliver to Houghton & Wyton (including Wyton-on-the-Hill)

This website is configured so that the initial Serb booking screen is displayed in a pop-up window. Most of the suggestions below could be fixed by defining a custom style sheet in the widget settings

Booking-1: We can save a lot of screen real-estate by removing the logo area and address (marked in red here)

Booking 1

Booking-2: The saved space can be used to accommodate a longer list of times, avoiding the requirement to scroll


Booking-3: The “Offers” needs to be replaced by “Restaurant Areas” – until such time the ability to edit and/or remove references to “Offers” would be appreciated.
For example – we have tables of 6 in the Garden and tables of 4 in the bar. I can book a table of six covers and select “bar” (which is something I cannot have) but my booking will proceed as normal and someone will have to deal with the change…
Apart from the issues above, it also means we cannot use “Offers” in the way it was intended


Booking-4.1: Again there is a lot of real estate that we could use for the form/notifications. In this instance the notification could replace the address box, allowing the form to be at the top of the frame


Booking-4.2: Better use of the available space would allow a bit more breathing space between elements


Booking-5.1: Again – some better use of the display space would look better


Booking-5.2 Again the option edit or remove some text elements would be a great plus. Here it would be good to add that the deposit is refundable



Booking-6.2 It would be great if the deposit payment step could remain within the widget. This would make the deposit email redundant (except as a timed reminder).

Booking-7: Payment page itself is fine but should be in the widget – as it is a fundamental part of the booking process

Booking Emails 1&2: Some control over content and style would be appreciated

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