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Adding Products (Variable)

Houghton & Wyton, Cambridgeshire

Please Note, we currently only deliver to Houghton & Wyton (including Wyton-on-the-Hill)

Variable products require the same elements as simple products apart from the price (which will be assigned to the variations once created.


  1. Select “Variable” from the Product Type dropdown list
  2. Add “Custom Prodct Attributes” in the following format
    1. Name (type of option – so for a food item it could be “toppings”, “extras” etc
    2. Add each option seperated by a ‘pipe’ (|)
    3. Check the “Use for Vaiations” box
    4. Save Attributes
  1. Go to the “Variations” tab and select “Create Variations from all Attributes”
  2. Attributes will be created, a couple of messages will tell you so and then you can Save Attributes.
  1. Once variations have been created, you’ll have individual “sub-products” that can be priced
  2. Individual sub-items are accessed via the little “down” arrow on the right hand side

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